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~*My Loveletter To Nobody*~

I'm like those crystal snowflakes, as they melt away. Slowly dying...

If you like to add me as your friend and read some crazy/boring/random stuff, go ahead, i'd love to make new friends all over the world!

I like skijumping and Frei.Wild and if you like this as much as i do, we will get along just fine :)

50's, 80's, a game of thrones, albrecht/friedrich, aquaristik, asoiaf, asong ofice and fire, barricade, before the fall, benedict cumberbatch, bing crosby, bram stoker, chihiro, claude monet, cocktails, coptersmut, counter strike, dachshund, david bowie, deadliest catch, death metal, decepticons, dogs, dragons, drarry, edgar allen poe, egoshooter, egypt, errol flynn, escaflowne, f-14 tomcat, f-15 eagle, football, frei.wild, friedrich/albrecht, g1, gabber, gayporn, gothic architecture, gothic cathedrals, hans-joachim marseille, hardcore techno, harri olli, havu, he-man, hordak, house of stark, howl’s moving castle, idw, impressionism, inuyasha, ireland, janne happonen, jean reno, jet li, jets, jon snow, jonathan rhys meyers, jrm, jrr tolkien, k1, kathy reichs, keanu reeves, kino, knights, knvb, krefeld, kroisos, kunqu opera, lesen, m*a*s*h 4077, manga, mansai nomura, martin freeman, masters of hardcore, max raabe, max riemelt, medieval, medieval music, merry shelly, michael ende, mummys, my daughter, napola, ncis, netherlands, old school freestyle, onmyoji, oranje, peking opera, philipp burger, rammstein, ritter, robb stark, robert taylor, schranz, seeker heat, seekers, sensation black, sensation white, sesshoumaru, shakespeare, she-ra, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock2010, sherlockbbc, skeletor, skijumping, skywarp, skywarp/thundercracker/starscream, soundwave, soundwave/starscream, sport, starscream, sticky, sumo, sushi, swing, swing music, tattoos, techno, the breakfast club, the labyrinth, the outsiders, the tudors, thundercracker, thundercracker/skywarp, thundercracker/skywarp/starscream/soundwave, tom schilling, torchwood, trance, transformers, transformers fanfiction, transformers g1, transformers smut, tron, tron legacy, tron:legacy, tudors, vortex, washington irving, werwölfe, winterfell, xeno, yaoi